Monday, January 16, 2012

B-Movie Monday: It's Caroline Munro's Birthday!

To borrow from Danny Trejo in From Dusk Till Dawn:

"Lowly dogs, get on your knees, bow your heads and worship at the feet of Caroline Munro!"

Here are some trailers from Caroline's lesser known movies. 

But I can't forget one of my favorite B-Movies with Caroline Munro:


Dr Rotwang! said...

..Okay, Mike, see--here's the trouble.

Monday comes 'round. You post some B-Movie trailers, and I watch 'em--against my better judgment...but I watch 'em.

Then I start to wonder where I am going to find these movies, and I freak out, and I break down and I cry.

It's not you, though, Mike.

It's me.

Chris Creel said...

I have learned many things from B-Movie Monday. One of these lessons is that Netfilx is good for nothing except watching movies which feature Jennifer Aniston. I doubt we're gonna find Star Crash on Netflix cause they don't have Hawk the Slayer or Deathstalker available to stream.

Mike David Jr. said...

I'm sorry, guys> I really am.

Maybe Amazon? I do agree about Netflix lately. It seems that every b-movie I want to order is not available.

They do have Starcrash on YouTube.

And it's okay Doc. It's okay.