Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Next Week: Flying To London

One of the reasons I haven't been posting much lately is because I've been planned a trip to London. My grandmother left me an inheritance so I decided to take a dream vacation. And next week Wednesday is when I'm going. It's an amazing feeling to realize that one your dreams is going to come true in a week.

Aunt Christine (Auntie Nut), me, and my Pa. Note the family resemblance.

I blame my Aunt Christine. She was serving in  the Navy in the mid to late 70s and her station was London. When she came home in 1979 she brought back a ton of stuff from the UK with her. I listened to The Clash and early Parliament Funkadelic with her. I would stay up on the weekends and watch Dave Allen, Benny Hill and Monty Python with her. And All Creatures Great and Small...If I owe anybody for my enduring fascination with going to the United Kingdom its my beloved Auntie Nut, the most sarcastic woman I've ever met.

 Joesky tax to be paid when I get back.