Saturday, May 21, 2011

Three Characters for Rogue Space

Here are three characters I made using the new Rogue Space rules, a free 8 page rpg you can pick up at This little 8 page set of rules has a lot of power behind it. I say check it out.

The characters below are built with the following options:
  • Luck rules (page 3)
  • Increasing Levels (page 3)
  • Psionics (page 4)
  • The campaign setting is a near future metropolis where weird technologies and recently rediscovered psionic abilities exist. The world goes on, day by day, while a Secret War wages behind the scenes.
John Lowder

All John Lowder wanted was a normal life, with a normal job and a normal family. That all changed when a psychic battle a block away from the small apartment that he called home awakened his own abilities. John has the rare ability to copy the psionic abilities used against him. This power is a weapon that many factions would love in their arsenal. Now John Lowder is a wanderer who is using the power that he once thought was a curse as the only edge he has to keep himself free.

Fighting 1
Acquiring -1
Scientific 2
Empathy 1
Repairing 1

Archetype: Technician 1
Hit Points: 4
Movement: 20'
Luck: 1

Power(s): Psychic Vampire
Weaponry: Pistol (Damage Rating: Light/2)
Armor: None

Maria Salazar

Maria has only known life outside of the Mesmer Project for five years. She is a Second Generation Induced Psychic, created utilizing the remnants of various clandestine WWII experiments. The 20XX New Dawn Accords dissolved the Project and released Maria into the normal population. Beautiful and confident to the point of recklessness, Maria wants only to be left alone and have some fun. She has not forgotten her childhood, though, and abusers of the innocent find themselves paying a very cold price for their deeds.

Fighting 1
Acquiring 2
Scientific 1
Empathy 2

Archetype: Rogue 2
Hit Points: 6
Movement: 30'

Power(s): Psychic Shield, Cyrokinesis (the ability to create cold and ice with the mind)
Weaponry: Knife (Damage Rating--Light/Damage 2)
Armor: Leather Jacket (Armor Rating--Light/Protection 1)

(Level 2: +1 Fighting)

Gregory Dawson

This former soldier is a rarity in the Secret War: he is not enhanced technologically or psionically. Greg was injured in service to his country and used both Western and Eastern medicine to aid in the healing process. He left the Service and today hires himself as a bodyguard to protect those who can't protect themselves. Those with powers who underestimate Greg find that he is very hard to kill and he can keep a grudge for a long time.

Fighting 3
Acquiring 2
Scientific 0
Empathy 0
Repairing 1

Archetype: Fighter 3
Hit Points: 8
Movement: 40'
Luck: 3

Power(s): None
Weaponry: Knife (Damage Rating--Light/Damage 2), Military Rifle Knife (Damage Rating--Heavy/Damage 4)
Armor: Ballistic Cloth (Armor Rating--Light/Protection 1)

(Level 3: +1 Acquiring, +1 Fighting)


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