Monday, November 15, 2010

Should We Call It B-Movie Monday? SyFy Original Movies

This week we "celebrate" the SciFi/SyFy Original Movies. They are not the best, even by my admittedly low movie watching standards. A SyFy Original is usually a rote, by the numbers genre film with cheesy plots and low budgets. The cast is made up of newbies, Canadian actors, stars who would have been in syndicated genre TV shows 20 years ago, and two or three recognizable names. They probably ripped off another movie. Add a usually CGI generated monster and shake it up. There are exceptions, but most of them are kind of meh.

But what the hell! Here are some of my favorite trailers for SyFy Original movies.

See you next week!


Cyborg Trucker said...
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Cyborg Trucker said...

My absolute favorite is Rock Monster. In my opinion it is an actual gem amongst most of the crap sci-fi shows. Two of my other favorites is Mansquito for the hottie science chick and oddly enough Basilisk for it's odd premise.