Friday, February 12, 2010

Goblinoid Games, Public Domain, and Sinistar

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've posted, but the writing just wasn't there. But now I feel more ideas coming on, so it begins again.

Goblinoid Games

*The Advanced Edition Companion by Goblinoid Games is a stroke of genius. Like many gamers, I started out with Red Box D&D. The people who were DMing often pulled goodies from the AD&D game and grafted them on. The AEC for Labyrinth Lord shares this spirit as well. More spells, classes, monsters, and stuff that brings back memories. Other people have explained the coolness of the AEC better than I could. Just get yourself a copy.

*Mutant Future Mania: The recent upswing of the Mutant Future goodness in the blogosphere is fun. My current favorite blogs are The Savage AfterWorld with the masterful Thundarr Thursdays and Brutorz Bill's Green Skeleton Gaming Guild, who had me when he stated Sleestaks. A ton of great material has already been produced. I may have to stat up some Mutant Future stuff, too. Maybe I should go the Grindhouse route...

Public Domain

*Two days ago I was looking up the Earth Alpha blog for some BASH RPG stats that the person had posted. One of the posts was a discussion about public domain superheroes. Following the public domain tag, there was a post about a wiki dedicated to the superheroes and supervillains that have fallen into the public domain.

Aslanc has posted his thoughts about using the characters here.

The link for the Public Domain Super Heroes wiki is here.

I love the work that others have done with these characters from the comics of Bill Black, Alan Moore, and Alex Ross, to Ken Hite's Lovecraft/Superhero opus Adventures Into Darkness. When I was a boy, I wrote up stats for many of these characters using the Marvel Super Heroes RPG game using entries from Jeff Rovin's Encyclopedia of Superheroes.

If you're looking for some superhero campaign inspiration, or trying to fill in your character's background, check out the Public Domain Super Heroes wiki.


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