Saturday, August 1, 2009

Encounter Critical Theatre #2: Starcrash (1978) Highlights

Submitted for your Encounter Critical/Star Wars ripoff approval, three YouTube videos celebrating Luigi Cozzi's masterpiece of space opera cheese: Starcrash!

And now my favorite scene in Starcrash:

My reaction when I first saw this scene:

a) Dead Silence. Then...

b) "That's F***ing Awesome!"


Jeff Rients said...

I was just watching some old trailers on youtube last night. When I got to the one for Starcrash my reaction was "Holy crap! Why haven't I seen this movie?!?!?"

JJ said...

Awesome movie. Best redneck robot ever! THAT is exactly the campaign world I want to play in.

Jayson said...

We posit Akton is a psi-witch, yes?