Monday, May 4, 2009

KIRBYMANIA: Goldie Gold and Action Jack Episode 1

Many people know that comic book artist Jack Kirby designed the characters for Thundarr the Barbarian. Some people forget that he worked on several other animated series. Now KIRBYMANIA, the new Jack Kirby celebration on Mike's Amazing RPG Fun Pad presents Goldie Gold and Action Jack.

This series from 1981 was '80s pulp through and through. The world's richest girl Goldie Gold and her ace reporter/"friend" Jack "Action" Travis, and her dog Nugget travel the world in search of adventure. They report for Goldie's newspaper The Gold Street Journal for editor Sam Grit. Look beyond the cheesy "ultra rich" schtick and dialogue and enjoy the fun. Look at the villains and characters-that's Jack, Baby.

Here is episode 1: Night of the Crystal Skull

And yes Virginia, the writer of Night of the Crystal Skull was Steve Gerber, the late creator of Howard the Duck.

Cartoons rule!

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