Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fourth World Mythos or Jack Kirby in Deities & Demigods

I’m in the middle of getting a “new” computer (my aunt’s Windows XP) and assorted family business. Because of this, I haven’t been doing any extensive posting or writing this past week. But I had this brainstorm, sparked from a comment by max from malevolent & benign here.

Imagine if, somehow, someway, TSR was able to get the rights from DC Comics to use some properties created by Jack Kirby in one of their books. The book is Deities and Demigods. The characters are the New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips. Welcome to the Fourth World Mythos.

The introduction would give the origins of New Genesis and Apokolips, and the struggle between them. The Plane of these New Gods would be classified as an Alternate Prime Material Plane, like the Aztec Gods in the Central American Mythos. Like the Norse Mythos, members of the Fourth World Mythos adventure sometimes with their worshipers. And, one can suppose that Earth is not the only planet (plane) they can visit.

There are plenty of gods, heroes and monsters to choose from in the Fourth World Saga that could be adapted towards an AD&D setting to interesting effect. Kirby often worked with mythological archetypes in his comic book work, and these is evident throughout. (This is also used to excellent effect in The Eternals for Marvel Comics). Also, many of the science type gadgets wielded in the Fourth World Saga can easily be “bent” to a fantasy style setting.

An AD&D campaign using elements of Kirby’s Fourth World would be kind of awesome. Your 15th level fighter could battle Parademons in the service of Glorious Godfrey, god of treachery and persuasion, who is trying to take over the countryside. I’m thinking Mother Boxes as artifacts and prizes to quest for, and monks who live outside of time meditating on the writings of Metron. I see clerics who tap into the Source to cast their spells and assassins who use the dark knowledge of Kanto the Assassin and Desaad to slay their victims. High-level anti-paladins of Darkseid search the Outer Planes for the Anti-Life Equation, as the Hounds of Orion stalk the servants of their god’s father.

Can your party of 20th level characters venture into the dark Orphanage of Granny Goodness to rescue their mentor, Mister Miracle, God of Escapes and his Consort, Barda the Protector? Wouldn’t it be neat to try?

Sources for the Fourth World Saga by Jack “The King” Kirby:

Jack Kirby's Fourth World on Wikipedia


Jeff Rients said...

So much awesome. That first Kirby panel is one of the coolest things ever.

Barking Alien said...

Now THIS is a great idea. Superhero Mythology is right up my alley.

Barking Alien