Sunday, December 7, 2008

Encounter Critical Theatre #1

One of my guilty pleasure shows that I watch when I can is Filmation’s Ghostbusters. Yes, I love The Real Ghostbusters. It is the greatest cartoon adaptation of a movie ever made. But there is a fun anything goes energy to Filmation’s version that can be fun. I go as far to say that if Filmation had named the series anything other than Ghostbusters it probably would be more highly regarded. Hell, I like both series, truth be told.

But Mike, you ask. Why did you head this post with Encounter Critical Theatre #1 when you’re talking about Ghostbusters? Good question. Filmation’s Ghostbusters did bust ghosts, just like the name said. But they also fought werewolves from the future, Aztec sorcerers, trolls, and great ghost gorillas. Great ghost gorillas that lived on another planets with gorilla robots. All this driving an intelligent jalopy that could fly and travel through time!

Now you see where I’m driving at.

The following videos are of an episode called “The Looking Glass Warrior”. In it, aliens are traveling in the dimension behind mirrors to kidnap innocent people. The Ghostbusters investigate with the help some friends. This has some great stuff to steal for EC. When I get some time, I may even stat up some stuff from the episode.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And for those old school people that like the game Lords of Creation by the legendary Tom Moldvay, this episode would so make a great adventure for that game.

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Cyborg Trucker USA said...

Those Invertroids were using the same barrels as the Tall Man from Phantasm. That's how you know they are truly evil!
The same voice actor who voiced the Invertroid is the same who voiced Bravestarr and the gun-slinger evil robot.
For the uncle is the the same person who voiced Optimus Prime?

Oh and did I mention Death Bed: The bed that eats? Cause I'm contractually obligated...